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razone aslam

Rated 4

Reviewed on 18-07-2017

super treatment

My visit to Kolors for slimming was a great success; I felt the difference of weight loss in the first month of joining. Thanks to Kolors.


Rated 4

Reviewed on 05-07-2017

amazing treatment in kolors

I had been to Kolors for Weight loss treatment, and I got very good results, my excess weight was eliminated and I could feel the difference right from the first month. I lost 14 kgs in 3 months. Thanks to Kolors.

rajaram yanamala

Rated 4

Reviewed on 03-07-2017

I had been to Kolors for obesity and after the treatment; I got my normal shape back. Thanks to Kolors.

Sudha Kamma

Rated 4

Reviewed on 28-06-2017

Kolors Health Care

I had been to Kolors for under eye dark circles treatment, after the treatment my dark circles were eliminated completely.

raghavan g

Rated 4

Reviewed on 21-06-2017

kolors health care

My Lipo gel therapy removed the extra fat from my body. Thanks to Kolors.

Harinath Kammula

Rated 4

Reviewed on 20-06-2017


My laser hair removal at Kolors gave me wonderful results.

saroja m

Rated 4

Reviewed on 19-06-2017

I had been to Kolors for slimming, and I am happy about the result, I lost more than 10 kgs in 2 months.

Rakul Kanta

Rated 4

Reviewed on 16-06-2017

Kolors Health Care

Kolors has made me much confident by making me fit by shape. Thanks to Kolors

shravan j

Rated 4

Reviewed on 12-06-2017


I had been to Kolors for over weight reduction, the treatment was good and I got great results.


Rated 5

Reviewed on 09-06-2017


I had been to Kolors for slimming treatment and I must say I quickly reduced 9 kgs in 2 months. I got back the original shape I wanted.


Rated 5

Reviewed on 08-06-2017


I visited Kolors for Laser hair removal treatment and my skin became very smooth. My unwanted hair is removed.

Rajesh Katta

Rated 4

Reviewed on 31-05-2017

kolors health care

The experts at Kolors are awesome. Their diet plans are scientifically proven. Many thanks to Kolors

narayana kolla

Rated 4

Reviewed on 30-05-2017

kolors health care.

I went to Kolors for anti-aging treatment and the result was positive. Thanks to Kolors.

satish k

Rated 4

Reviewed on 23-05-2017

It was after I got treated at Kolors for anti-hair fall; my hair loss problem was addressed. My lost hair was restored.

ramana kavali

Rated 4

Reviewed on 05-05-2017


I went to Kolors for Hair re-growth treatment. After the treatment my lost hair has been restored.

Ramya Kusuma

Rated 4

Reviewed on 03-05-2017

Hair Loss Treatment

My name is Ramya, I went to Kolors as my hair loss was increasing. I got the best hair remedies ad treatment from Kolors.


Rated 4

Reviewed on 27-04-2017

I had been to Kolors for anti-aging treatment. The treatment has given me best results making me to look much younger.


Rated 4

Reviewed on 27-04-2017

I had been to Kolors for anti-aging treatment. The treatment has given me best results making me to look much younger.

hari kadali

Rated 4

Reviewed on 26-04-2017

excellent treatment

I was having dark spots on my face; I visited Kolors for the dark spot removal treatment. After the treatment, my dark spots have disappeared. Now my face is very clear. Thanks to Kolors.

pmalcham 123

Rated 4

Reviewed on 22-04-2017

I normally don’t believe slimming and well ness centers. But my cousin was treated at Kolors and got successful results. She suggested me to visit Kolors. The experts at Kolors are very professional and they have not only helped me to reduce my excess weight but also gave me the best nutrition advice. Now I will follow it. Thanks to those experts at Kolors.

Prasad chodi

Rated 4

Reviewed on 31-03-2017

Kolors is the best slimming center I have ever known. I suggest all my friends looking for weight reduction to visit Kolors.

Jagan Nalla

Rated 4

Reviewed on 23-03-2017

I suggest anyone wanting for an Ideal shape to visit Kolors. I have been to Kolors for Figure correction and now I am fit.

anil chata

Rated 4

Reviewed on 21-03-2017

The systematic approach at Kolors has helped me to reduce weight in a safe way naturally. The professional team at Kolors gives you the best advice that suits you most.

muthulakshmi m

Rated 4

Reviewed on 15-02-2017

Kolors is definitely a superb weight loss clinic, I had treatment in Hyderabad. They care every client and the implementation is amazing.

sujitha S

Rated 4

Reviewed on 14-02-2017

Quality Treatment In KOLORS

Hi this is Sujitha and I am 35years, and I couldn't walk properly due to overweight. I visited kolors for the weight loss treatment at a very cheap price, and to my surprise, I lost 15 kgs in 2months. I'm terribly happy , I not only will walk but can also play with my children. Thanks kolors


Rated 4

Reviewed on 10-02-2017

It’s a really good treatment, in fact, I have lost almost ten kgs in just 2 and half months feeling happy for that and my counselor ,dietician assisted me and inspired me. I am happy and my family too have got my life back. I will counsel to all members to join kolors health care

saranya M

Rated 4

Reviewed on 09-02-2017

The weight loss treatment at Kolors is very refreshing. Every day is special and the physicians assist till the goal is reached. I and my friend were treated for 6 months and we are back to our normal weight.

latha sarvani

Rated 5

Reviewed on 05-02-2017

hi frds

I had issues with oily skin; I thought it was impossible to get a fair skin. After joining kolors skin care treatment I knew one best place for skin treatment. It was amazing to see how beautiful this place was.

sudheer pala

Rated 4

Reviewed on 03-02-2017

weigh loss

I have lose 15 kgs in 3 months in kolors


Rated 4

Reviewed on 02-02-2017

Kolors health care is really good with weight loss treatment, I had a huge belly, they fired it out in a span of 3 months!!

lakshman thota

Rated 4

Reviewed on 31-01-2017

I had issues with oily skin; I thought it was impossible to get a fair skin. After joining kolors skin care treatment I knew one best place for skin treatment. It was amazing to see how beautiful this place was

shiva bolla

Rated 4

Reviewed on 31-01-2017

Hello everybody, my sister name is Ganga, I'm glad to share of one of my fantabulous experience with kolors at karkhana branch. as before I used to be 54 and after surgery, I started putting on and was seventy-eight. an excessive amount of overweight .I simply met one of my college mates and she prompt me regarding kolors at karkhana as she was additionally undergoing skin treatment and she was terribly proud of the treatment. initial I believed will it work then I spoke to my friend and took better information then came down to karkhana branch once I got the consultation from the doctor simply joined without any second thought and started taking my sessions and she has given me treatment

sudhakar penumarthi

Rated 4

Reviewed on 30-01-2017

I suggest Kolors Health care just because they are well organized and have complete holistic weight loss programms.

namita kaveri

Rated 4

Reviewed on 28-01-2017

I had side effects using facial moisturizers, when I visited Kolors they provided me few sessions and that was when I started using their products. The products worked simple amazing!! Thanks to kolors skin care facilities.

durgaprasad chodi

Rated 4

Reviewed on 27-01-2017

I have visited kolors for a weight loss as well as inch loss programme for a quick& safe solution as I have to move out of country.When I have visited kolors gave me a good pkg & secondly gave me a proper balanced diet& last and provided me good service through which I have achieved inch loss quickly.Thank you kolors.

Srinu Palaparti

Rated 3

Reviewed on 24-01-2017

After joining Kolors health care, I could see myself getting back to my share and size. Perfect people who are constantly working on advanced weight loss issues!

naga raju

Rated 4

Reviewed on 23-01-2017

Quality Treatment.

I visited kolors on suggestion of a friend of mine. and at last, I got what I needed for a long time. Straight smooth hair...

rani Karishma

Rated 4

Reviewed on 20-01-2017

I suggest Kolors Health care just because they are well organized and have complete holistic weight loss programms.

gummadi jnram85

Rated 4

Reviewed on 18-01-2017

Awesome Treatment in KOLORS...

Hi all, I believe kolors is that the best during this competitive market. Recently I visited kolors for hair loss treatment. The doctor prompts me for hair fall therapy. Once the treatment result was smart, I actually have found a solution for my problem at kolors. Many thanks, to kolors and their team.

Revathi Gubbala

Rated 4

Reviewed on 11-01-2017

I suggest Kolors Health care just because they are well organized and have complete holistic weight loss programms.

Lova Yerra

Rated 4

Reviewed on 04-01-2017

I feel healthier ever since I visited kolors. First, I went there for a skin cleansing, then again I found out about its weight loss options. Their treatment remodeled my confidence.i'm happy with kolors performance

subramanyam kakarlapudi

Rated 4

Reviewed on 03-01-2017


Feeling very happy after the inch loss program with Kolors. thamks to kolors....

rajani korrapati

Rated 5

Reviewed on 28-11-2016

I am happy for kolors health care.....

had problem of acne. Those pusses filled acne were everywhere my face. I couldn't attend the parties simply because of this skin disease. I went for ayurveda treatment for six months however didn't realize any relief. Then I tried antibiotics, however no enhancements. finally my uncle told ME to go for acne treatment in kolors branch once joined there i got a good result now I will go parties with my friends I am happy for kolors health care.....

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