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What is Dry Skin? Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition characterized by scaling, itching, and cracking due to lack of moisture. Some people naturally have dry skin and may experience discomfort such as stretchiness and irritation. Winter also contributes to making our skin dry, and if you have trouble retaining the natural moisture of your skin and are looking for long-term solutions, you have visited the right page. Read more...


Have you wondered what it would be like to have normal skin instead of oily skin and that does not erupt into pimples and acne at the slightest provocation? Well, if you have oily skin, relax. Help is at hand. All you need to do is to take care of your skin in a rather special way as compared to other skin types. Simply use products that are specially formulated for your skin. Read more...


Is your face skin oily in some regions while dry in the rest? Is it flaky in some parts, red and itchy in others, and is prone to pimples in the oily regions? If so, then you have the combination skin type, which requires customized care with carefully selected products because only certain special products are suited to this skin type. Cleansing for this skin type begins with face washes designed only for combination skin on a regular basis for best results. Read more...


Do you find it difficult to use normal skincare products because they react with your skin? Have you ever experienced slight red patches on your skin, areas of dryness or blemishes? Maybe even itchy skin, a tingle, tightness or a stinging sensation? These are all signs of having sensitive skin. So what causes this? Our skin barrier is supposed to prevent potentially irritating substances from entering the deeper layers of the skin. Read more...

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