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Aroma Magic :

Aroma Magic is a brand child of Blossom Kochhar. Blossom Kochhar is a renowned aroma therapist, cosmetologist and educationist. The main USP of Aroma Magic is that it does not contain parabens, alcohol, petrochemicals, mineral oils, phthalate, and synthetic colours and does not contain any artificial fragrances. Aroma Magic mainly consists of skin care & body care products. Oils are also one of the major product ranges. Aroma Magic oils consist of body, skin & hair oils. Some of their most popular products are face washes, cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, gels, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreen, essential oils, blended oils, body oils, toner, hair oil, scrubs and skin lightening packs. The best part of Aroma Magic products are natural and can be used by people of all skin types. Aroma Magic skin care consists of: sunscreens, packs, face washes, cleansers, scrubs and exfoliators, creams and moisturizers, lip care and toner. Body care of Aroma Magic consists of: Body lotion, body wash and body cream. Aroma Magic oils consist of essential oils, skin oils and hair oils. Aroma Magic products are made out of the essenceof aromatherapy. Aroma Magic was one of the first brands to introduce the goodness of aromatherapy in India. Buy Aroma Magic products online. You can also buy Aroma Magic products at a discounted price.

Aroma Magic is a brand child of Blossom Kochhar, who is a renowned aroma therapist, cosmetologist and educationist. Aroma Magic mainly deals with the skin care and body care products, while Oil is one of its major product ranges. The Aroma Magic Oils consist of skin, body and hair oils. The main USP of Aroma Magic products is that the products are free from alcohol, petrochemicals, mineral oils, parabens, phthalate and any other synthetic colours and artificial fragrances. Aroma Magic has a wide product range, among which many of the products are available on Some of the Aroma Magic products available on are Aroma Magic under eye gel, Aroma Magic facial kit, Aroma Magic face wash, Aroma Magic night cream etc. These Aroma Magic products are available in the price range of 100-2000 with discounts of even up to 20%. So, bring home the natural products from Aroma Magic and make your skin healthy.

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