Importance Of Bristles: Hair Brush Guide

by Beauty Editor

created 5 years ago

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The Importance of Bristle

  • Good quality Boar Bristles have a natural stiffness to brush through hair and yet “give” as they “draw” through the hair.  They are renowned for strength and resilience.

  • Bristles are judged by their stiffness.  When the hair is collected, the best quality and most expensive are the bristles found closest to the body.

Bristle Itself

  • When viewed under a microscope, the length of the bristle looks very much like “fish scales”.

  • This means that it is not only the tip of the bristle, but also the entire length of the shaft that addresses the hair.

  • Natural boar bristle will never damage human hair, as it is made of the same protein


Benefits of Bristle

  • Bristle maintains good hair condition in many ways.

  • In the first instance Bristle will detangle and smooth hair.

  • Bristle keeps hair clean.  The scales along its length pick up pollutants, dust and grime.  It also removes excess hair products, gel, hair spray, mousse etc.

  • The scalp and red blood cells there are stimulated, which naturally encourages hair growth.

  • By brushing with bristle the natural oils (sebum) that are produced in one’s scalp are released and distributed along the hair shaft.

  • Hair is maintained, healthy, shiny and glossy, thus preventing dull-looking hair and split-ends.

  • Pure bristles should not be used on wet hair as the bristles will not penetrate effectively.

  • Some brushes have additional pins made of nylon to fully penetrate the hair and massage the scalp.

  • There is no difference between the different colours of bristle – a question of personal taste, but often blonds and light coloured hair people prefer white bristle brushes


  • Regularly remove loose hair from the tufts.

  • Be careful not to scrape the cleaner back and forth over the top of the tufts, as this can cause damage.

  • Wash occasionally using warm soapy water.

  • Never use ammonia or harsh detergents.

  • Submerge only the tufts and not the wooden base and “jiggle” the brush to clean.

  • Rinse in cold water and flick off surplus water, thereafter gently wiping dry with a clean towel.

  • Allow to dry naturally with bristles facing down, away from sunlight, radiators, hairdryers and any natural heat. has a range of hairbrushes you can choose from. This information has been provided by experts from Kent Hair Brushes.

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