15 Holiday Makeup Looks You Shouldn’t Miss!

by Beauty Editor

created 3 years ago

A long, relaxing weekend is coming up and we are totally excited to take the much needed break! Gear up for the vacay and don’t miss out on trying these stunning makeup looks. Each holiday spot offers different senses of excitement and your glam up quotient should be likewise. Scroll below to check out top Instagram - worthy make up looks that you must try. After all, what good is a holiday if your social media isn’t flooded with selfies of the gorgeous you at the gorgeous locations. s

Five Glam Looks You Must Try During International Vacation

Heading away from the mundane routine, to a new city full of new adventures that are waiting for you to explore them? Don’t let the jet lag slow down your makeup skills. Here are five fail-proof make up looks to slay when cruising through foreign lands!

Rock The Party

Glow is the keyword here. We are sure you will shine with this party-ready face. This party makeup look is achievable with the least number of products. Just apply pink lip gloss and some mascara to make you look bright and twinkly.

Bold ‘em Over

A red pout is a no-fail option to make a statement. Add on a tiny cat-eye to turn up the heat levels! Finish off with a subtle contour and dewy foundation to achieve the bold look. We’re sure you will love to flaunt this one!

Turn Heads As You Walk

An international holiday is the perfect opportunity to experiment with unconventional lip makeup that you would shy away from back at home. Sport a sunny yellow lip to make heads turn your way. Pair it with black nails and a thick black wing and be ready to fly!

Slay Those Trends

Keep up with the international trends as you explore unknown lands. Try trendy geometric graphic eyeliner with two bright colours. Apply white kajal across your waterline to fake big eyes. Finish off with a deep berry lip and you are ready to take over the world.

Touch of Indian-ness

Take your Indian roots with you! Sport the classic combination of bold red lips and kohl-rimmed eyes. Add a touch of the international trend with a bronze blush along your cheeks.

Five Fun Looks You Must Try During Beach Holiday

Take a break from the choc-a-bloc work schedule by feeding your heart and soul a little balmy weather. Hop away to a beach for sun, sand, sea, colourful coolers and loads of salty air! It is food for the soul. Add makeup to that and channel Baywatch-esque sexy vibes! Here are five beach-ready make up looks that you can rely on to up your dapper.

Bright & Peppy

You need a look that stays put when you are spending the afternoon lazing around the pool. Sizzle away with a pop of neon pink lipstick and kohl-rimmed eyes. Dab on a brown blush to add definition to your cheeks. Finish off with waterproof mascara for fluttery lashes.

Full Of Colours

Let your sunny day be full of colours. Try a fun-filled combination of bright orange eye shadow and bright pink lipstick. Add a swipe of yellow nails! Finish the look with lengthening mascara for added drama.

Easy and Light

There will be a day when you want a laid-back look. Go for a simple eye makeup with nude eye shadow and blue eyeliner. If you are feeling brave, add a couple of coats of blue mascara. Apply a mauve lipstick to seal the deal.

All That glitters

Glitter is not going anywhere. Sport a golden glittery eye makeup look to shine at the beach parties you will be dancing at. Pair it with clear lip gloss and fake lashes for added drama. Make sure you have a perfect base with a waterproof foundation.

Bronze Goddess

While you enjoy the sunny days at the beach, you definitely must try a bronze look to show off your gorgeously tanned skin. Opt in for a sun-kissed look with a generous swipe of bronzer. Pair it up with a nude lipstick and eye shadow to finish the look.

Five Cool Looks You Must Try During A Trip To A Hill Station

Some of us love to escape the city madness and go to a hilly recluse to recharge our energies. Explore the lush green cover or the white snowy landscapes around you and let it calm your senses. For the travel-bug looking to escape to a cooler climate, you must try these 5 makeup looks to make the most of the dreamy weather.

Smart Beauty

While you are cooling off at a scenic hill station, sport a smart makeup look with a mix of bright and staple colours. A bright orange lip paired with a grey and black eye shadow should keep you sorted. Pair it up with a pretty pastel-y purple-y nail polish to finish the look.

Never Fading Classic

While chilling at the scenic location, you may want to explore a no-fuss classic makeup look. Start off with a flawless base with a good foundation. Then, apply a pearl and brown eye shadow to add definition to your eyes. Draw on sharp wings with a glossy liner. Finish the look with a glossy red lipstick.

Subtle Statement

Explore the hilly slopes with a subtle makeup look that just requires a flush of rosy colour. Conceal any areas that need coverage. Proceed to eye makeup with a rosy-mauve eye shadow. Pop on a pair of false eyelashes to enhance the look. Lastly, apply a matte mauve lipstick and seal the look!

Fresh As A Daisy

Show how relaxed you are with a look that says I-woke-up-like-this! Opt for a dewy base with a BB/CC cream. Add highlighter for that extra glow. Next, apply a nude lipstick. Lastly, add generous coats of a good curling mascara to make your eyes look wide awake! This natural makeup is definitely going to be your best friend.

Matte Chic

This is a really simple yet glamorous makeup look you must try! Take a sheer coverage foundation with a matte finish for clean base. Next, take a bright orange lipstick in a matte finish for a no-budge look. Adorn your nails with a pale pink nail polish to finish the chic look.

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