77 Quickest Nail Arts To Obsess Over!

by Melissa

created 6 months ago

“Your nails aren’t going to change the world, but the woman who wears them will”

It is a notable fact, that nail art would soon be the next cosmetic business to skyrocket the beauty industry. As nail art designs express their style statement in an inventive manner. This trend is picking up its craze from the time female celebrities have adorned them.  The trend is also achieving its fame right among the models on the ramp to the school going girls and everybody loves to flaunt their nail art. Thanks to the affordability and accessibility of Nail Art Kit. It is agreeable that the former art is a blessing to the salon and the professional nail art industry.

"Nail art is a perfect way to express oneself”

This would simply mean that your nails or the nail art adorned are a definite way to speak your style without having to say a word. We have to admit with the lifestyle we live in; a little pampering comes a long way and a nail art would just be the perfect way to execute the over-indulgence in galore. Nail art has flamboyantly expressed sophistication and confidence in so many ways and a well manicured hand accompanied with a nail art design would be a fatal combination to enhance. So buckle up interested folks! We will get you through few nail art designs in vogue.

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1] Butterflies at Sunset Nail Art: 

Dip your nails into that beaming sun and the nature at its best - this seems next to impossible isn’t it!
But you can still attain this easy nail art! By creatively adorning a gradient hue like this nail art design– spreading its warmth of colors of yellows, orange to the shades of reds. Keeping your nails prepped and stylish for the perfect event. 

Click here for the Butterflies at Sunset Nail Art Tutorial


2] Red Tiger Nail Art: 

Going head over heel about animal prints nail art designs?
Then break the shackles of monochromes and experiment your nail art with peppy colors and let your canvas flaunt that tiger stripes lavishly.
Paint your cuticles away, by making it simple yet glamorous just like this. 

Click here for the Red Tiger Nail Art Steps 


3] The Newspaper Nails Manicure Tutorial:

Newspaper nail art is adorable. Customize your nail art design to complete your inner zest as you wish.
This nail art fulfills the initial quest to achieve it - in its extremes amongst the beginners.
Intricately and delicately, it does affect your style quotient by making it effective, hip and happening.

Click here for the Newspaper Nails Manicure Tutorial


4] A Manicure with Tape:

If geometrical nail art designs are your forte!
If you love the minimalism and math figures involved in your nail art. Then refrain the long wait and accept the radical designs with this quick to achieve simple nail art!

Click here to learn Manicure with Tape 


5] Spring Color tape Manicure:

Want to set your canvas apart, keeping your nail art design simple yet elegant!
Then bright colors and simple nail art designs like these, is a go-to nail art to be adorned.
Geometrical nail arts do not limit themselves and hence it can be worn all year round.

Click here to know Spring Color Tape Manicure


6] Summer French Nail Art:

Mix and match nail art techniques with that of a French manicure and accompany it with bright colors to complement the transitional weather.
Embellish your simple nail art with intricate and simple designs to receive the polished look and then you are set to go!

Click here for the Summer French Nail Art


7] Candy Heart Tips Nail Art:

If fancy and elegant shapes nail art designs, captivates your attention.
Then, upgrade your simple nail art - to a next level by simply adding more subtlety and variance in colors alternately, resembling like that of a Candy Popsicle to beat the blistering heat this summer.

Click here for the Candy Heart Tips Nail Art Tutorial


8] Mint and Melon Nail Art:

Conjuring a thought about your nail art design, already!
Scintillating turquoise green or a mint color fused with a melon nail art and accompany it with a French manicure nail technique.
This nail art design if adorned would grace any given occasion beautifully. With this Soothing and serene color blend, it scores your nail art nearly to a mark of sophistication.

Click here for the Mint and Melon Nail Art Tutorial


9] Lulos Nail Art: 

The best about an Ombre nail art design is that you can never cease yourself from trying different patterns over it — from that of a French fade to that of an intricate delicate nail art design just like one of these.
Will set your nail art design apart to a different level altogether.

Click here to learn Lulos Nail Art


10] Rainbow Nail Tutorial:

An upbeat nail art outlook can ground everything so well and a canvas just like this -depicting one of your loved season is simply stupendous.
Casual play of bright colors like that of a rainbow and adding a bit of a shimmer to your nail art design — exhibits the masterpiece of your delicate skill.

Click here for Rainbow Nail Tutorial


Click below for Nail Paints:


11] Geometric Gradient Nail Art:

Want a sophisticated yet an easy nail art!
Then this nail art is perfect to be adorned for any occasion. Be it a date night or any party for that matter.
With handy tools in place, let your nail art do the talking!

Click here to learn Geometric Gradient Nail Art


12] Sweetheart Nail Art:

Love is in the air and so it is a perfect reason to plunge yours nail art in love as well.
This pretty pink nail art design is ideal and lovable.
So go ahead and achieve this look and keep flaunting your canvas.

Click here for Sweetheart Nail Art Tutorial


13] Heart on Tips Nail Art:

A canvas to match your flirtatious and creative persona.
With a hint of red and white color combined into a French manicure nail art design would be absolute and complete to grace your polished outlook.

Click here for Heart On Tips Nail Art


14] Matte Lavender Nail Art:

Go Matte about them!
A little can go a long way and when matte nail art design is in vogue, you would not be able to resist the simplicity involved in this nail art!

Click here to learn Matte Lavender Nail Art Tutorial


15] Spring Butterflies Nail Art:

What is all the flutter about!
Well! You have guessed it right, for the spring this butterfly nail art design is so cute, customizable, festive and easy to achieve. 

Click here to know the Steps for Spring Butterflies Nail Art


16] Negative Space Floral Nail Art: 

Sometimes, it is the simplest things that make the greatest impact. At least that is the case when it comes to this negative space nail art design. Little bit edgy and adds a bit of glamour to your look and a flowery nail art design would not go out of fashion despite any seasons under the sun.

Click here for the Negative Space Floral Nail Art Tutorial


17] Checkered Nail Art:

Chess nail art is easy and pretty.
If you are looking for something stylish in your nail art designs then this would certainly strike a chord with you! 
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide through nail art images for your clarity!

Click here for Checkered Nail Art Tutorial


18] Dotted Tips Nail Art:

Always on a hurry!
Then keep all your worries at bay, Polka Dots or Dotted nail art designs are easy to achieve - Executing that Vintage and Classy look.
Making the nail art design or the outlook complete and incredibly distinctive among other nail art designs.

Click here for Dotted Tips Nail Art Tutorial


19] Splatter Paint Nail Art: 

Every canvas has a story to tell and so is this nail art image.
This is the similar to the Splatter nail art — it is easy, fun, artistic and everything nice. A nail art that is a simple synonym for Elegance.

Click here to know the Steps for Splatter Paint Nails Art


20] Subtly Magical Nail Art:

A Subtle gradient nail art design that fades, will keep enviable stares hooked.
This nail art design has been an interest for ages that you cannot take no notice of.
Steps to achieve this nail art design through its nail art images is illustrated with the link provided:

Click here for Subtly Magical Nail Art Tutorial


Click below for Nail Paints:


21] Mod Nail Art: 

A blast from past! 
Shift your taste to that of vintage patterns like polka dots and zigzag lines nail art designs. 
That is a splendid nail art to grace!

Click here for Mod Nail Art Tutorial


22] Micro bead Nail Art:

Want to treat your nail specially? 
Then get set to push yourself beyond the old smooth polish looks, by adorning this Caviar 3D nail art effect. 
This nail art design is so edgy and one of a kind that you can certainly tell - by your single glance on it.

Click here to know the Steps for Microbead Nail Art


23] 3D Heart Nail Design Tutorial: 

It is all about that 3D effect!
It can get your nail art design from being seductive to that of being creative.
Plunge yourself in eagerness galore when it comes to nail art designs!

Click here for 3D Heart Nail Design Tutorial


24] Imprinted Nail Art: 

Coziest nail art trends to try from - by mimicking different designs.
Customize this nail art design to suit your fancies and keep the curiosity in the crowd burning!

Click here to know the steps for Imprinted Nail Art


25] Contrasting Color Nail Art: 

Contrasting colors can magnetize your nail art look to a different level. 
With contrasting colors like these accompanied with simple flower patterns as your nail art design, can make your nail art look so subtle and pretty.

Click here for Contrasting Colour Nail Art


26] Hourglass Nail Art: 

Whether you have short or long nails.
Summer's hottest nail trend is the hourglass nail design.
It can be created fairly easy; it is slimming and at the same time flattering to adorn this nail art.

Click here to know the steps for Hourglass Nail Art


27] Trim the tree Nail Art: 

With the impeccable decorations for the festive season, your nails need to be sorted and attended to.
Making your canvas or your nail art to be one of the most adorable and artistic of them all.
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here for Trim the Tree Nail Art Tutorial


28] Octopus Nail Art: 

To beat the summer heat, a little bit of inspiration on your nail art design - can really tell a lot!
Use of bright colors can certainly make your nail art stand out!
This cute and adorable octopus nail art design can unquestionably win everyone's heart.

Click here for the Octopus Nail Art Tutorial


29] Pink Rose Nail Art: 

To sweep off your nail art board - spring floral’s nail art designs are the best!
Once you get the knack of doing it, it does get easier.
These gorgeous floral nail art can create splendid dimensions in both the world of beauty and fashion alike.

Click here for the Pink Rose Nail Art Tutorial


30] Multi Matte Nail Art: 

Matte Lovers!
Then this nail art design would be ideal to suit your choice.
It lets you play with a blend of your favorite matte colors to work that perfect nail art look.
This look is classy yet easy to achieve this simple nail art.

Click here to know the Steps for Multi Matte Nail Art


Click below for Nail Paints:


31] Typography Nail Tutorial: 

A typography nail art design purely narrates perfection in art, it sets all your needs in place to earn that newsworthy nail art.
So prep your nails to make the look beautiful, sophisticated yet simple in every way.

Click here for Typography Nail Tutorial


32] Blue Ombre Nail Art: 

Synonym to gradient look is an Ombre nail art design. 
The depth can really move you in leaps and bounds if choicest of colors are embraced.
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here for Blue Ombre Nail Art Tutorial


33] Pink it up: 

Geometrical and stripe nail art designs could get crafty a bit! 
It is agreed nevertheless they are designs of worth, that make your nail art look so sassy and accepted in any venue summoned.

Click here to know the Steps for Pink it Up


34] The Amazing Gradient Nail Art: 

With minimal efforts involved, you can certainly create that amazing gradient effect just like this by leaving others spellbound.
It is just you and your creative canvas or nail art design doing all the talking.

Click here for the Amazing Gradient Nail Art Tutorial


35] Cute cloudy Nail Art: 

Do not have steady hands!
Then you do not have to worry, as we can still create those artistic nail art design with minimal tools like that of a cloud pattern. 

Any mistake would be instantly covered immediately adopting it into that simple and single pattern.
Making it cute, adorable and so wearable nail art design!

Click here to know the steps for Cute Cloudy Nail Art


36] Ying Yang Nail Art: 

Mesmerized with the Ying and Yang concept, then why refrain ourselves from owning that nail art design.
It just cares to show how you could break the shackles so you could embrace an age old belief — spreading that message around through your inventive canvas.
It is so artsy and creative kind of a nail art design simultaneously!

Click here for the Steps of Ying Yang Nail Art Tutorial


37] Black and white Abstract Nail Art: 

Abstract nail art design itself can be alluring as it conjures innovation, in its own little way.
While the colors of black and white can both seem deliberately enigmatic together.
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here to know the Steps for Black And White Abstract Nail Art


38] Diagonals Manicure Tutorials:

Want that perfect yet a modern and minimalistic look to match your persona, then a diagonal nail art design it is!
So Stylish, that expresses elegance and sophistication and it is so effortless to accomplish such a nail art design.

Click here for the Diagonals Manicure Tutorials


39] Digital Nails Manicure Tutorials: 

If your canvas is all about colors! Then accompany it with delightful glimmer nail paints.
Create those easy slanting shiny lines that will help you make the crafty nail art design so official!
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here for the Digital Nails Manicure Tutorials


40] Magnificent Nail Art: 

Mermaid or the Fish Scale nail art is so beautiful in its own little way.

Right from the gradient effect to the outlining of the fish scale nail art design makes it so pretty and chic!
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here to know the Steps for Magnificent Nail Art


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41] Runaway Nail Art: 

The half moon nail art design is a mark of sophistication. 

This nail art is a clear blend of subtle colors of both silver and turquoise green that is awe-inspiring!

Click here for the Runaway Nail Art


42] Stripe Nail Art: 

So many nail art designs to choose from, if you are looking for an easy nail art.

Then stripe nail art design would be secondary to a geometrical nail art. 

That is so easy and stunning to adorn!

Click here for the Stripe Nail Art Tutorial


43] Stripping Nail Art Design: 

Yet another nail art design trick to have up your sleeve.

Here, is the stripping nail art design, that is a mark of sophistication and so effortless to achieve.

Click here for the Stripping Nail Art Design Tutorial


44] Birthday Cake Nail Art: 

Fading glitter nail art design, is so pretty.

So eye catching and effortless to achieve and a time saver that proves to be a bonus to us all.

Click here to learn steps for Birthday Cake Nail Art


45] Camouflage Nail Art: 

Camouflage nail art designs or the camo nail art are often adopted during the winters. 

So perfect and pretty sleek to achieve with minimal tools or nail varnishes available.

Click here for Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial


46] Glitter Ombre Nails: 

An Ombre nail art design with a hint of glitter on it, can prep your canvas to so much more!
Making your nail art look so graceful and ideal for any occasion for that matter.

Click here to know Steps for Glitter Omber Nails Tutorial


47] Lace Nail Art: 

Lace nail art design is just a way too classy and charming that it will make you stand out of the crowd. 
It is one of the latest nail art fashion trend. 
As it fascinates and attracts our curiosity!

Click here for Lace Nail Art Tutorial


48] Weetzie Nail Art: 

Want a funky nail art design, then Weetzie nail art it is!
With bright colors to play with like that of pinks, greens and blues and a hint of glitter varnish will help you add some oomph to your canvas!

Click here to know the Steps for Weetzie Nail Art


49] Tulip Nail Art:

A unique bouquet of cheerful tulip nail art design can certainly lighten up your day, which is a symbol of refreshing spring and with the intricate designs outlined like these that is accompanied with bright colors will definitely catch the attention of the crowd. Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here for Tulip Nail Art Tutorial


50] Daises Nail Art: 

Spring fashion trends are all about floral designs like that of daisies filled with vibrant colors. 
Be it a wedding or a formal event the list to adorn this beautiful flower in so many ways is never ceasing.
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here to know the Steps for Daises Nail Art


Click below for Nail Paints:


51] Caviar Nail Art: 

Caviar nail art is the next generation evolved nail art design.

Caviar nail art is so much fun and relatively elegant simultaneously!

Click here for Caviar Nail Art Tutorial


52] Chevron Nail Art: 

Chevron nail art designs really rocks and can be worn at any occasion.
With the right color combination it can be executed fantastically. 

Click here for Chevron Nail Art Tutorial


53] Indian Ocean Nail Art: 

Let your nails be the canvas, a set of serene colors to create that masterpiece with minimal tools available would make your nail art design look so Splendid and Lavish!

Click here to know Steps for Indian Ocean Nail Art


54] Ruffle Manicure: 

With innovative nail art designs like that of a ruffle nail art, is so exciting and zestful.
Layers of colors fabricated precisely together makes the look so cute and adorable!

Click here to know the Steps for Ruffle Nail art


55] Simple Rose Nail Art: 

Floral nail art designs works well at any time in the year.
It is so pretty and speaks simplicity!

Click here to know the Steps for Simple Rose Nail Art


56] Cute Panda Nail Art: 

If you love animal themed nail art designs, then the easiest to achieve in a quickest possible manner – is this cute Panda nail art.
With black and white nail enamel you can achieve such a cute and adorable nail art instantly.

Click here for Cute Panda Nail Art Tutorial


57] Easy Classy Nail Art: 

Easy classy nail art design would be a mixture of geometric, half moon nail art accompanied with a French manicure making it elegant and classy as it says. 
So be the one to experiment! Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here for Easy Classy Nail Art Tutorial


58] Half Zebra Nail Art:

Flaunt the animal theme nail art design that depicts your wild side. 

Animal prints are always exciting and fun to play with!
Who Knows, Zebra nail art designs may be your next fancy.

Click here to know the Steps for Half Zebra Nail Art


59] Graphic Black and white Nails: 

Want to acquire a high impact effortless nail art design. 
Then with the right kind of stencils available you can certainly achieve a blend of this beautiful graphic black and white nail art.
It suits best with any occasion be it formal or informal for that matter.

Click here for Graphic Black and White Nails Tutorial


60] Zig Zag Manicure: 

A Zig Zag nail art design is wildly beautiful because of the simplicity involved in it. 

This nail art can be mastered easily. Leaving it Pretty and Chic for any occasion!

Click here for Zig-Zag Manicure Tutorial


Click below for Nail Paints:


61] Stylish Nail Art: 

The crescent look or the half moon nail art design does not go out of fashion.

It sets a fashion statement that you can experiment with subtle and vibrant as well as unconventional colors. 

Making it radical and acceptable!

Click here to acquire Stylish Nail Art


62] Strawberry Nail Art: 

Food theme is the another Trending Nail Art design. 

So colorful and yet so simple to adorn this delicious nail art design.

Click here for Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial


63] Flower Nail Art: 

Celebrate Spring and Summer with subtle shades accompanied with detailed and colorful floral nail art designs.

That is meant to grace any occasion so perfectly! 
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below:

Click here for the Flower Nail Art Tutorial


64] Bunting Nail Art: 

Want something exclusive and unique, then Bunting nail art it is!
Bunting nail art designs surely know how to brighten the occasion with correct pop of colors and geometric figures and the list does not end further than this.

Click here for the Bunting Nail Art Tutorial


65] Kitty Rox Nail Art: 

Want to go casual! Then try this animal theme nail art design.
So artistic, inventive and adorable simultaneously!

Click here to know Kitty Rox Nail Art Tutorial


66] Fire Nails: 

This nail art design is all about the detailing and passion. 

The layers of colors combined can create such lovely 3D nail art effects like these, leaving you wonderstruck!

Click here for Fire Nails Tutorial


67] Turquoise Stoned Nail Art: 

This nail art design is a blend of serene colors that makes this look so elite and elegant that is so similar to a crackle nail art.  
The props or tools could be unconventional just like any nail arts designs adorned.

Easy Steps to acquire Turquoise Stoned Nail Art


68] Geometric Nail Art: 

If Geometric nail art designs are accompanied with contrasting colors is your arcade. 
Then this effortless nail art design is just about perfect for you! Making you look sophisticated.

Click here for Geometric Nail Art Tutorial


69] Pretty Cherry Nail Art: 

A bright and cheerful color accompanied in a fruit theme nail art design can grab attention.

Detailing of the nail art can always create the immense depth you wish to receive.

Click here for Pretty Cherry Nail Art Tutorial


70] Stairway to Heaven Nails Art: 

Let your canvas display the homely heaven. 
With the perfect color blend of serene blue and silver lining accompanied with beige can create a masterpiece.
Below is the simple nail art step by step guide illustrated through the nail art images below: 

Click here for Stairway to Heaven Nails Art Tutorial


Click below for Nail Paints:


71] Half Moon Nail Art: 

Half moon nail art design is the trademark when it comes to nail trends. 
It is never out of fashion. It is Classy and Sophisticate in its own little way.

Click here for Half Moon Nail Art Tutorial


72] The Butterfly Nail Tutorial: 

If your delicate cuticles require detailing then an insect theme nail art design awaits for you!
With intricate nail designs involved and colors adding intensity makes it so refined.

Click here for The Butterfly Nail Tutorial


73] Shark week Nails: 

Nail art designs needs no excuse for flaunting your creative and inventive ideas.

Here is another animal theme nail art that can add depth that you would get fond of.

Easy Steps to acquire Shark Week Nails


74] Map Manicure: 

Want to map your Creativeness! Well then, you have guessed it right! 
Map nail art designs are fun and it really shows how unconventional one can sought to be, keeping it quirky and cute simultaneously.

Click here for Map Manicure Tutorial


75] Marble Manicure Nail Art: 

A simple yet an effective and effortless way to create that amazing nail art that would be perfect for the cocktail party! 
Just mix in your favorite colors to create that exceptional canvas.

Easy Steps to achieve Marble Manicure Nail Art


76] Swirl it up Nail Art: 

If swirling nail art design is your choice, then your nail art can certainly earn impressive complements for you.
With delicate colors implemented like that of pinks and white - it can surely make your nail art seem so cute and delightful to look at!

Click here for Swirl It Up Nail Art Tutorial


77] Dry water Marble Nail Tutorial: 

Exploring designs and variations in your nail art designs - is simply amazing! 
This is yet another nail art that can be followed and can be easily adorned.
With the blend of many colors together, makes it so lively and vibrant!

Click here to know the Steps for Dry Water Marble Nails Tutorial


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Nail art in a nutshell, is receiving its recognition and warm acceptance with all its diversity in leaps and bounds. With new technologies in place the nail art tools have been constantly modernized giving the acrylic nails and nail extensions more of a realistic look. The after math has thereby resulted to both nails and toenails acting as a canvas to display the nail technicians work of art. So get those dainty fingers nailed - with plethora of nail colors and nail art designs that is just waiting to be embraced. Regardless the state of affair, the imagination inclined to it just doesn’t end here. Beautifying nails certainly requires persistence and maintenance and if you are willing to commit your time diligently to prep your nails. Then on that account, Give it a go! and proceed to inspire and be inspired.

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