World Of Fragrances

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The world of fragrances is huge, varied and beautiful. There are so many types of fragrances available, that one can get lost amidst them easily! So how do we determine which fragrance is categorized as what, and what is the difference? Read on to know everything about fragrances!


The fragrance is categorized depending on the percentage of the aromatics used. Essentially, any fragrance comprises of aroma chemicals, essential oils and a special concoction of water and alcohol. Numbers is what defines all the differences. The traditional differences between the different types of fragrances are:

1. Body Mists : 1.5-3% (Usually water based but with alcohol as well)

2. Fine fragrance mists : 3-7% (Solvent is mainly alcohol but more water than an EDT)

3. Eau de toilette : 5-8% (Solvent is about 80:20 split of Alcohol and Water)

4. Eau de parfum : 8-15%{sometimes upto 25%} (About 80:20 split of alcohol and water)


Let's understand them better. 

1. Body Mists

Body mists are basically fragrances that have been diluted with alcohol or water. The fragrance of these mists is not as strong as a perfume. Such fragrances are most suited for daily wear as the scent is light and perfect for a day out. Also, these are not as expensive as a perfume. Body mists usually last for about 2-3 hours and need to be reapplied frequently.

2. Fine Fragrance Mists

These mists are slightly more concentrated than a body mist, as you saw in the composition above. The fragrance is also a little more concentrated, but not as much as a perfume. These scents are also light and a perfect pick for day-use. A fine fragrance mist lasts for about 4-5 hours.

3. Eau de Toilette

An EDT is a lighter version of a perfume and it is perfect for occasions like day parties, etc. The concentration of a EDT is higher than a body mist or a fragrance mist, which makes it last longer. On an average, EDT lasts for 5-8 hours.

4. Eau de Parfum

The most concentrated in the family of fragrances, an EDP is the richest fragrance available. It is the most perfect fragrance to apply when going to important events like weddings, dates, evening parties, etc. These are the most expensive amongst the four categories we have seen and the one that lasts the longest. An EDP will keep you smelling great for upto 12 hours.


You know the difference between the fragrances now, lets have a look at the rules of application:. 

1. Spray the perfume on your pulse points, namely - 

  • inner wrists

  • base of the throat near the collar bone

  • behind ear lobes, inner elbows, cleavage

  • behind the knees immediately after bathing

2. To make it last longer, apply unscented body lotion and spray the fragrance over it.

3. Avoid contact with eyes.

4. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin.


So now you know all about fragrances. Take your pick as per your need and and leave a cascading aroma wherever you go!

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