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We carry your favourite brands so you won't need to change a habit of your lifetime. Also select the quantity you need based on your flow.



Give us your cycle details so that we know when to ship.


receive your parcel

Your parcel will arrive at your door-step discreetly packed, 5 days before Aunt flo comes knocking. We do our bit to cut-out your PMS Stress!



Make yourself a nice cup of tea, wrap up in a blankie & relax!

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How can I create a Subscription?

Select the sanitary pads that you would want to order. Select the number of cycles for which you want to subscribe.

Select your mode of payment and your subscription is initiated.


I need multiple items. How do I select them all?

Subscribe to each item one by one. We will try our best to have it delivered in one box. They will surely be delivered 5 days before your cycle.


What additional savings will I get with Subscription?

Your savings depend on the number of cycles you select the subscription for. If you select 3 cycles – you get 10% OFF MRP. If you select 6 cycles you get 15% OFF MRP, if you select 12 cycles you get 20% OFF MRP.


How can I pay for my Subscribe & Save orders?

We support both Pre-paid (Credit card, debit card, net banking and wallets) and Cash-on-Delivery (COD) as the form of payment for subscriptions. You can choose the one that suits you, but we do suggest you use pre-paid format as that will absolve you from the changes in MRP. If the MRP increases, we continue to provide you the item at the lower MRP.


How can I track each of my orders?

Once you have started a subscription, 10 days before your next cycle the order gets placed into our system automatically. You will be notified of that order number and the tracking details will be present in the email.


When will I get the delivery of the items I have subscribed to?

Once you have selected the items for subscription, we will wait for it to be time for you next cycle. 10 days before the cycle the order for your requested items will get placed. You will be notified by email and SMS once the order is placed. Your package should arrive 5 days before you cycle to relieve your PMS Stress.


How will the package be delivered?

We make sure that the package is delivered to your address in a discreet packaging.


Can I cancel the subscription

Yes, we do understand that your needs may change. You can reach-out to our CS at +91 92233 00222 or at and get the subscription cancelled. If you have paid in advance, your refund will be processed and posted on your account within 10 days. The bank may take a little longer to show you the credit.

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