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Get visibly brighter and radiant skin in just 20 mins.


    • Insta Brightening Micro-Mask is a light silky gel, transparent rinse off mask with a unique combination of botanical extracts of Scutellaria Baicalensis, White Mulberry, Saxifraga Sarmentosa and Grape that work together to give you visibily brighter and radiant skin** in just 20 minutes*
    • The unique MicropatchTM technology releases the whitening active into the skin even long after the mask has been removed

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  • About brand

    Kaya has been delivering flawless beauty for years. This makes Kaya a favoured beauty destination, worldwide.
    With years of experience our skin practitioners and dermatologists understand what is right for your skin and then pamper and treat it just the right way. kaya is transforming millions of lives through this unique approach.

  • additional information

    Duration of product application may vary on various factors. Result may vary depending upon skin type.


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32 Ratings & 3 Reviews

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17 Reviews

Rated 3.0 Good product but expensive 14/07/14

My skin just loves kaya products and this one is no different. This micro mask is really good and instantly brightens the skin giving it a smooth and supple feel. The glow remains for one to two days which is pretty decent too. But, the thing that makes it less than a perfect product is its price. I feel the price should be less, for me its insane to spend this much for a mask. Also when the price is this high the expectation is obviously more. At this price the staying power of the glow should be more than a day or two and also the quality of the product should be more too. At a lesser price this product would definitely be a steal. But at this price its an indulgence rather than must have. ... more

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1 Review

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Rated 2.0 Not a recommendable product at all 16/11/15

The product doesn't do half of what it claims to do. The 2 stars that i am kind enough to give is because the gel is easily to apply and gets easily absorbed like it promises. But there is no great or significant effect of the gel, forget miraculous. The freshness you might notice on your skin after using this product is just as good as the freshness you see after you wash your face with a good facial foam. I would not recommend this to anyone. Sheer waste of money is what this product is. ... more

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1 Review

Rated 1.0 Useless Product from KAYA 25/11/16

It's a total waste. This is a useless yet costly product. The Quantity is so less that you would be amazed. Trust me friends, You would get far better results using a local Multani Mitti face pack. Though it's a KAYA product but it does not do anything but makes you wash your face before and after. Not Recommendable At All Even IF Is Free. ... more

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Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask (15 ml)

4 32 Ratings | 3 Reviews



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Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask (15 ml)



customer questions


can i get fairness for long time after use this?

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I have tried using this product from Kaya it gives instant fairness like in 20 minutes but the glow lasts only till a day or two not more more then that

Anonymous On 19, Aug 2013

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