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A must-have acne solution!


  • Anti Acne

    Anti Acne

  • Deep Pore Cleansing

    Deep Pore Cleansing

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Deep Pore Cleansing, Anti Acne

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    • Helps to dry up acne overnight thus gives instant results on active acne, Reduces irritation on the affected area thus calms inflammation and itchiness around the active acne, Suitable for Acne prone skin with eruptions
    • Ingredients: Salicylic which targets oil in pores, exfoliates pores and clears the active acne thus giving an acne free skin, Glycolic exfoliates the skin as it penetrates into the skin resulting in smoother and clearer skin

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  • About brand

    Kaya has been delivering flawless beauty for years. This makes Kaya a favoured beauty destination, worldwide.
    With years of experience our skin practitioners and dermatologists understand what is right for your skin and then pamper and treat it just the right way. kaya is transforming millions of lives through this unique approach.

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    Cleanse skin. Open pen to dispense the product onto pen tip and dab onto affected areas twice daily. Can be used alone or under makeup.


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34 Ratings & 11 Reviews

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15 Reviews

Rated 5.0 Excellent product for active acne - worth a try! 23/08/13

For a long time I had been looking for a product which has a quick action on acne, and I am sooo happy I finally found one! Have tried this recently on my pimples, and must say it works! Applied it in the night and by morning the redness of my pimples had basically dries up the pimples overnight. Seems to be a new product- definitely going to purchase it again. ... more

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20 Reviews

Certified Buyer
Rated 4.0 Good product. 26/12/14

I have hormonal acne in jawline areas and occasional acne in other areas. I am using Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector twice daily for last one month whenever an acne lesion comes out. For hormonal painful cystic acne lesions, it reduces the pain and dries it in 3-4 days though the painless cyst stays for 10-12 days. But it is more effective for the other types of acne than the hormonal ones. It reduces the pain and dries them in 1-2 days. Overall it is a very good product. ... more

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5 Reviews

Certified Buyer
Rated 5.0 Awesome product just loved it. 12/06/15

I have tried this product at one of my friends place ,she kept it on my pimple.and morning I woke up and it dried :).I was like waaaw:).I have ordered 4 5 times from purplle only the same product.Its really good but I feel sometimes quantity is too less as compared to price. Dear purplle team,please keep this product at 25% atleast some day so that I wont mind ordering 2 packs :p. ... more

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Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector (8 ml)

4.1 34 Ratings | 11 Reviews



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How to use it

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does it remove black spot

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how we use it?

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Is it necessary to use the acne prone kit or only this one can be used for red spots?

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You can use Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector for the red spots. As this Kaya product reduces irritation on the affected area.

Anonymous On 23, Aug 2016


i have an acne prone skin with acne scars.. what product should i use to reduce marks

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You can use Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector for acne spots

Anonymous On 16, Aug 2016

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