Khadi Sweet Almond Oil (100 ml)

  • Age Group : Adults
  • Gender : Unisex
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Quick overview

Derived from sweet almonds, this essential oil is rich in glucosides, minerals, vitamins & proteins that impart excellent nutrition to your skin as well hair.


  • Key Features: Relieves itching
  • Relieves sore dryness and inflammation
  • Reduces spots and pimples
  • Strengthens brain and nervous system
  • Quickly absorbed low density oil
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Prevents muscular pain and softens the skin
  • Applied on hair and body
  • Suitable for all skin types and ideal for both men and women, this Khadi sweet almond oil is organic in nature
  • The soothing oil revitalises your tired mind and relaxes your muscular tensions
  • You can apply this multi-purpose oil from Khadi on your hair and body, and get immense benefits
  • When massaged, the tremendous properties of almond oil will strengthen the brain and nervous system, prevent muscular pain and soften your skin
  • As almond oil prevents the loss of moisture, you can get rid of the usual itchiness from skin with the regular application of this sweet almond oil from Khadi
  • If you either face painful inflammation due to dryness of skin or pimples due to oiliness, you do not have to worry anymore as Khadi brings to you this natural oil
  • Regular use of almond oil also prevents dandruff by hydrating the hair follicles

Additional Information

For massage, dispense an adequate amount of this Khadi oil onto your palm. Massage the oil gently on your head and body. Leave it on for sometime and rinse while taking a shower. You can also mix an adequate amount of this oil with warm milk and drink it.

Directions Of Use

Massage the oil gently on your head and body. Leave it on for sometime and rinse while taking a shower.

About Brand

Khadi has range of Hair Care Products that not only helps restore balance, shine, volume and strength to your hair, but also targets at improving the overall health of your scalp. Khadi products Deeply Conditions, Prevents Hair Loss, Prevents Split-ends, breakage and Brittle Hair and Prevents Dryness of Scalp

Product Specifications

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil (100 ml)
Age Group Adults
Container Type Bottle
Gender Unisex
Hair Type All Hair Types
Natural Yes
Quantity ml
Usage Nourishing

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Questions & Answers



How is khadi sweet almond oil useful? Answer This Question
As almond oil prevents the loss of moisture, you can get rid of the usual itchiness from skin with the regular application of this sweet almond oil from Khadi



What makes khadi almond oil different from other almond oils? Answer This Question
It is a herbal product with natural ingredients works pretty well when it comes to hair growth.



What does khadi sweet almond oil claims? Answer This Question
Khadi has 100% pure almond oil is derived out of sweet almonds is rich in glucosides minerals, vitamins and proteins. Thus imparting excellent nutritive. It is used for Skin and Hair Care: Low density of oil Almond. Oil helps quick absorption in all skin types there by relieves itching, sore, dryness, inflammation, dandruff, all types of sports and pimples. When massaged the inherent therapeutic qualities of Almond Oil strengthen brain and nervous system, prevents muscular pain and soften the skin. An excellent baby massage oil.



Can i use khadi almond oil for treating dandruff? Answer This Question
Yes you can use for treating dandruff as it absorbs quickly in all skin types and relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, dandruff and other skin problems



How is almond oil for hair? Answer This Question
Almond oil for hair absorbs quickly in all skin types and relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, dandruff and other skin problems. A good massage oil, strengthens the brain nervous system, prevents muscular pain softens the skin. Suitable for all skin and hair types.
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Most commonly asked questions:

  • What is the SPF range?
  • Does it leave a white cast?
  • Is it waterbased?
  • Is it non-comodegenic?

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Certified Buyer

5 Khadi Sweet Almond Oil (100 ml)

what can i say about this? As we all know about the benifuts of almond oil. and the best part is that this khadi product is pure. my skin feels supple and i use it to drink with milk at night too. reduces insomnia. a wonderful thing which I will definitely buy again

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5 Best almond oil available

I would recommend this to all who want to have awesome hair and skin. Khadi Sweet Almond Oil would be a boon for dry skinned people who want to make their skin healthy and nourished.Makes hair healthy shiny and strong.Excellent product for various massages.Its bitter in taste and i feel packaging is quite boring. I'm totally in love with this product.

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Certified Buyer

4 excellent moisturiser

i've been using this for so many years and it keeps my skin moisturised and shiny no matter what the season. mix it with a cream in winters, use it under your eyes, give yourself a lovely scalp massage or just to fight general dryness..... This thing never fails!!!!!!!!!!! Simple yet most effective 

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5 amazing oil

like all khadi products i like this product for being natural as i don'tprefer chemical products as they are harmful in the long run.this isan excellent oil for hair and skin. i use it on my hair before washing makes my hair stronger,more shiny,and healthy. its totally worth the price as very little needs to be applied

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Certified Buyer

5 all in one...

almond oil is the natural moisturiser,and therefore sutaible for all skin is also one of the most popular carrier oil,almond oil is rich with various vitamins nad as result is great for the skin.almond oil will not blok pore ,due to its fine texture.almond oil's property even extend to having benefits for hairs.also help make my hair stroger thicker and add shine as well as nourishing and smoothing hairs.almond oil is very good...or we can say great for digestion.almond oil can often provide relief from muscular pain.almond oil is greta for immune system.its correct sleep disorderd.almond oil help to improving memory.sweet almond oil on the other hand has all these wonderfull applications and has become more and more popular in the beauty products.almond oil improve comlpexion and glow,relieving dry and itching skin,cures chapped lips and body rashes,lighting dark circle and under eye,reducing fine line and wrinkles.and specially to hairs...this is very good product....i regular use almond oil with coconut oil and olive oil.i was suffering from hairfall problem,but i use coconut oil,olive oil with almond oil and aroma magic stimulating oil,right now i get rid from hair fall problem...i recommend almond oil to oil personly.this is very good product

Was this review helpful? 6 0



Certified Buyer

5 All in One oil for everybody

Khadi Sweet Almond oil is a all around multi purpose product that can be used for hair and skin for all members of the family. I use it for hair and my mother uses it for her dry skin. The Khadi brand is an assurance of quality. It is value for money compared to some other brands in market. According to the lable it is good for brain/ memory and nervous system....but I have not consumed it internally. It is also a good massage oil even for babies. As I said an oil for the whole family...!

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5 good

sweet almond oil is an all rounder and can be used for hair, skin and body. I use it on my hair before shampoo and it makes my hair very soft and silky... it makes an amazing facial moisturiser and doesnt make my face oily or greasy. it is also a very good body lotion.

Was this review helpful? 3 1

5 For Best Hair

One can use it for better and Healthy hair....... I have used it and i have got a best result for my hair. This hair is for all type hair. So i am recommding this product. This is non sticky hair oil for all season type. Almond contains vitamins and is rich in protien so that it isvery useful for hair as wll as skin.

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4 Good one

Khadi products are very natural and this oil is no different. I love the original almond extracts in this one which is very beneficial to the hair. It is non sticky and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the hair making it healthy. It is a natural one and I think it will also be great for a body massage.

Was this review helpful? 2 0

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