The Natures Co. Bergamot Eye Pillow (125 g)

  • Ingredients : Bergamot Extract , Flax Seeds

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Quick overview

The Natures Co. Bergamot Eye Pillow- relax and refresh those tired eyes!


  • A cute pillow specially for your eyes!
  • The eye pillow is made with flaxseeds and enriched with Bergamot Essential Oil
  • It has a fresh, invigorating citrus fragrance
  • For a cooling relief, chill it in the refrigerator (in the cover provided) for one hour or put it in the freezer for 10 minutes
  • Remove and gently place pillow over the eyes for a tranquil experience
  • Store it in the refrigerator to preserve aroma & longevity

Product Specifications

The Natures Co. Bergamot Eye Pillow (125 g)
Ingredients Bergamot Extract , Flax Seeds

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  • Will this help lighten dark circles?
  • How to apply this?
  • Will this heal crows feet?

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Age:22 years

Skin Type:Fair

Skin Tone:White

3 Pretty OK!!!

Would make a good gift.It is quiet relaxing after a stressful day.And the aroma is nice. Though it has no bands on it so that's a negative from me.Has to be stored in the fridge for the rest of the day other wise it has no effect whatsoever.Eyes do feel relaxed after 10 mins of pillow every day.All in all, The Natures Co. Bergamot Eye Pillow is worth a try although ill probably never buy it again.

17/12/14 Certified Buyer

Age:22 years

Skin Type:Fair

Skin Tone:White

5 Truly an Eye Opener :)

The Nature's Co. - Bergamot Eye Pillow was a gift from the husband dear, thanks to the sleepless nights during pregnancy.
The eye pillow is in a unique shape to cover the eyes for complete relaxation. It comes with its personal cover that can be used to store the pillow in the refrigerator. Its ingredients are flaxseeds and Bergamot Essential oil.
I must tell you, this is super soothing and relaxing. The Bergamot fragrance is the best part. Not, that it dramatically put me to sleep, but the fragrance and the feeling of relaxation is worth every penny. It is very soft to touch and after a very fatigued day you can see this miraculous little pillow perform its magic.
You can put it in freezer and use the frozen pillow version. That's my favourite bit. It helped me get rid of puffy eyes in the morning and of course was very refreshing. This is a wonder product. The fragrance wins hands down and I am glad it also comes with that belt with which you can tie it on your eyes just like an eye cap. Sadly, mine did not come with that. So, I depend on my balancing acts.

Nonetheless, it is a great product, not very heavy on your pocket either. If you are travelling for a very hectic business trip or going to be around kids for a long time. This will come handy for those 'guilty' moments of peace, serenity and calm before the storm.

Not to forget love the cool design, grafitti sorts mood rejuvenating drawings and writings on the fabric of the eye pillow are darn cute.

13/11/14 Certified Buyer
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