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BBLUNT is one of India’s ‘hottest salons’ and hair care brands. With a lineage and pedigree of decades of experience in the glamour industry, BBLUNT today is a premier destination for both men and women seeking to redo their look. BBLUNT’s range of hair care products are designed to replicate the salon feel in your homes and leave you feeling pampered and nourished all at once.

Brand History:

BBLUNT principal and founder Adhuna Bhabani, is the stylist to the stars and her passion for hairstyling is the driving force behind the hugely successful range of salons. Having presided over the makeover of some of Bollywood’s hottest stars, and having given cutting edge haircuts to some of the glam circuit regulars, her sense of style is unquestionable. Every BBLUNT salon is designed to make you feel like you’re the centre of all attention.

In its long and storied history BBLUNT has done over 1 million haircuts and the team behind the powerhouse has over 100 years of combined experience, which means that with hairstyles for men and women or their hair care products are some of the best around.

Brand USP:

BBLUNT is a brand that is associated very strongly with individuality and their essence of, “the only one you need to look like is YOU” makes them a definitive brand for both the young and the young at heart. Their line of salons and hair care products are both strictly monitored for top of the line quality and user satisfaction.

Product Line:

BBLUNT is associated with hair care in a big way and with as a partner, they retail a comprehensive product line which includes,

1.      Shampoos: From dry and unmanageable hair to volume enhancing and toning, BBLUNT shampoos cater to the whole spectrum of hair types. One use of these and you will immediately be able to tell that they’re made by the industry’s best exclusively for you.

2.      Conditioners: Promising hydration and freshness to all hair types, BBLUNT conditioners are ideal irrespective of your hair’s length, so that means whether you have a new bob cut or have chosen a short hairstyle, or have long tresses, these conditioners work just as well on any kind of hair.

3.      Hair gels and wax: BBLUNT hair styling gels promise a long lasting hold and the ability to keep your hair styled the entire day. These gels and waxes are ideal for cutting edge hair styles like the bob, skrillex and the punk spiked look.

4.      Hair dryers and curling irons: BBLUNT is one of the pioneers in the hair styling business and offer you a range of salon grade hair dryers and curling irons that will enable you to self style your hair, any time, any place.

5.      Hair colour and extensions: Add a dash of colour and volume to your hair with BBLUNT’s range of hair colours and extensions. These fabulous products are ideal for both a quick fix and a complete makeover

Best Seller Products: BBLUNT’s best selling products include shampoos, hair styling creams, gels and wax and temporary colour sprays.

Brand Ambassadors: Some of Bollywood’s A-list celebs including Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan and many leading ladies like Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta and others have been styled by Adhuna Bhabani and have been associated with BBLUNT over its 11 year history.