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O3+ is a beauty care and skin care brand available from the house of Visage. O3+ is a primary brand that is available with almost all beauticians. O3+ provides top of the line skin care products that target common skin issues like anti-ageing, blackheads, excess oil, dark spots, dull skin, harmful effects of the sun, dry skin, etc. O3+ provides many products like body lotion, cleanser, face cream, face mask, face pack, face peels, face washes, scrub, sunscreen, tonic lotion, waxing and shaving aids. O3+ also has many facial kits like O3+ Ultra Clean Pore Kit, O3+ Meladerm Pigmentation Line Facial Kit, O3+ Zitderm Acneic Line Facial Kit, etc. O3+ provides various skin solutions like hydration, brightening, etc. O3+ also has solutions to care for the skin before and after waxing like aloe vera pre wax cleanser, calming rose pre wax cleaner and coconut after waxing lotion. O3+ also has solutions for men like O3+ meladerm whitening serum, O3+ meladerm 24 hour cream, O3+ men ocean mela derm cleansing foam, O3+ men tea tree mela derm cleansing gel, etc. O3+ provides manicure and pedicure solutions like O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Crack Heel Mousse, O3+ Pedilogix Instant Dead Skin Softener, O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Wash, O3+ Pedilogix Pedi Micro Peel (250 g), etc. O3+ has introduced premium anti-ageing and acne solutions like O3+ Say No to Skin Ageing, O3+ Say No to Acne.

O3 is a popular beauty care and skin care brand that targets common skin issues like anti-ageing, blackheads, excess oil, dark spots, dull skin, harmful effects of the sun, dry skin etc. The O3 product range comprises of O3 facial kit, O3 face wash, O3 whitening cream to name few. These O3 products are available on at great prices and striking discounts. The O3 facial kit range includes facial kits for acne treatment, pigmentation treatment and clarifying treatments. While the O3 face wash range has face wash for cleaning pores, skin brightening and whitening, and skin hydrating and soothing. These O3 products are available in the price range of 100-4000 and above at discounts of even up to 10%. So, visit and get the best deals on O3 products only on

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