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As the name implies, a foundation acts as a base for your entire makeup routine. This is one item which has the biggest impact on your overall looks. With the help of this little box, you can transform your acne and blemish ridden skin into smooth and radiant looking one. Foundation is availablein different forms such as liquid, powder, cream and gel. These forms are suitable for different skin textures. Similarly, there are different shades of foundation available in the market to suit various skin tones. Take your time to pick the right type and the perfect shade to best meet your needs. There are also different foundations with varying coverage. These foundations are suitable for different occasions as you may want heavy coverage for parties whereas for day use you may opt for light coverage foundation. Use Foundation like a Pro Applied the right way, a foundation can give you fresh looking smooth skin texture. You can use a foundation as a part of your makeup regimen or can opt for barely there, minimal looks. Following simple tips will help you in achieving that flawless, dewy look with the help of a foundation: • Pick the right shade to match your skin tone. You should do your best to find the color closest to your skin color on your jawline. It is advisable to pick up a shade during natural daylight. • Before you apply foundation to your face, you should clean your skin using a facewash and toner. • Apply generous amount of moisturizer to your face to hydrate your skin. This helps in even application. • You can use a brush, an applicator or your fingers for applying foundation. For lighter coverage, use of fingers is recommended while in other situations, you can go for a brush. A sponge also offers smooth coverage. • Dab foundation on your skin and lightly spread it using your favorite method of application. This helps in reducing streaks. • You can top off your foundation with concealer and powder to increase its stay power. Foundation evens out your skin tone and also helps to cover various flaws such as acne scars and pigmentation. If you are looking for no-frills makeup routine, then a foundation can help you achieve polished looks in no time. Types of Foundation: Your skin type and condition will help you pick the right kind of foundation. Powder foundations are easier to apply and are suitable for oily skins. Cream foundations are good for dry skins and provide natural glow. It is also important to pick the right shade of foundation. It should be within one or two degrees of your own skin color. For perfect looks, it is important that foundation blends into your skin. Prominent Brands: You can opt for Indian or foreign brands of foundations. curates a wide range of brands for you to choose from including Lakme, L’Oreal, Oriflame, Maybelline, Olivia, Revlon and others.

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