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Blusher is one of the most important components of a makeup kit. Even if you are looking to set up a bare bone makeup regimen, blusher is your savior. This makeup item lets you perk up your looks in an instant. Blusher is available in different forms and shades to best meet your requirements. You can opt to choose liquid, powder or cream blusher to suit your skin profile. There are also several shades of blusher available to match different skin tones. You can achieve drastically different looks merely by changing the shade of your blusher. Blusher is also highly versatile as you can use it to present a dramatic image or may opt for more subtle looks. You can also use blusher on your clean, bare skin for that sun kissed look. Use it the way you want, a blusher is your best friend in your powder room. Get a Natural Blush: Blush is an important tool in your arsenal. Whether you are looking to spice it up for a glitzy event or planning to have natural rose cheeks for a day out, a blusher can help you achieve the desired results. Following are the simple tips you should follow to get the best result from your blusher: a) Clean your face properly with a facewash and toner. b) Apply the rest of the makeup. Typically, blusher is considered to be second to last step in makeup process. c) You can choose to apply the blusher using a brush or the tips of your finger. Using a brush gives you a neater and more even application. d) Dab a little of blusher on to the brush and shake off superfluous amount. e) Smile and apply blusher to the “apple” of your cheek. With these simple steps, you are all set to dazzle everyone. A blusher gives you a healthy flush on your cheeks. If you have over applied blusher then you can simply blot it off using a tissue. However, if you have used liquid blush, you may need to use water to clean it off. Types of Blusher: In order to achieve the best results, it is important that you choose the right texture and shade of blusher. Blusher is available in different forms including powder, cream, liquid and gel. Cream blush is considered ideal for mature skin while powder blush is suitable for oily skins. Gel blush tends to add smooth glow to your skin. Similarly, you should pick blusher shade according to your skin tones. Lighter skins look more polished with blushers having pink undertones while blushers with brown tint are more suitable for darker skin tone. You may also consider your lipstick and eyeshadow colors while choosing blusher shades. Prominent Brands: Many Indian and international brands offer different blushers. The most prominent brands for blusher are Maybelline, Lakme, Oriflame, L’Oreal, Revlon and others. You can buy these brands from

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